Baby G was with us for less than a week but we all loved him from the moment we brought him home.  Bird and Jazz both cuddled him endlessly and when I looked for a chance to hold him Jazz informed me that I could hold him at night while I fed him.

Surprisingly, taking a (healthy) infant around attracts a lot more attention than a preschooler or toddler does.  Everyone wants to stop and comment and love on them, which is wonderful.  What I didn’t expect was the, “I could never do it, I’d get too attached.”

I don’t know why I didn’t expect it.

This isn’t my first experience with comments such as those.  In nursing, it is common to hear the, “You’re such an angel.” “I could never do what you do.”  It never bothered me, it is just part of the job.

But this time, it bothered me.  Perhaps I was tired.  Well, not perhaps.  I was tired.  Perhaps unlike nursing, this involves my whole family.

“I could never do it, I’d get too attached.”

Wait?  Am I not attached?  Are Jazz and Bird not attached?  What do you think Vati was doing on those late nights he stayed up to work and cared for Baby G so I could sleep?  I’m confused.  Do you think we won’t attach to this little one in our care?  Do you think we won’t suffer when he leaves?  I’m still confused.  My tired brain isn’t processing what you’re saying.

That is when I’m thankful for friends who always seem to know the answers.

“Well, that’s what these little ones need, a family who can love them fully.”

My family suffered.  Bird cried and cried.  Jazz said it was too sad for tears.  But we pulled together and prayed.  We prayed for protection over this little one as he went to extended family, we prayed for comfort for our family, and we gave thanks for the opportunity to love as God calls us to love.  It was a lesson for us all.  That following God’s plan for our lives will bring much blessing, but with it will also come suffering.



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Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Registered Nurse. A note to the world sharing our adventures and growth as a Christian Family.
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6 Responses to Suffering

  1. Anthony Todd says:

    I’m proud of you Bug… Always have been… Always will be

    Love you all,


  2. Andi Jones says:

    Sending all of you all the love I’ve got to give. You all have done a wonderful thing by taking a young life into your care and given of your family, even if for a short while. It takes very special individuals to be able to do that and the Morrow family fits that to a T.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that some say that when they don’t know if they could be as giving or put another’s needs first before their own. They forget that there are very few guarantees in life. Or they remember and are not willing to take a risk on having an exceptional experience and help another to do the same. They know it might hurt and aren’t sure they are willing to take that risk. That is what makes you all the more special. You have strength. You have unconditional love and caring to give and you give it. Sadly there are those that will never experience the joy of truly giving of themselves. Regardless of the length of time, Baby G was welcomed into your family, loved and cared for. Your family had an opportunity to love and grow in ways that some others will never have. I am grateful on behalf of Baby G that his path led to your loving home.

    Sending you many hugs and wishes that another young one will soon find his or her way to your loving home.

    Love you much,

  3. Powerful, that’s all I can say. Proud to call you my very best friend.

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